The reactions to the news that Kansas State football offensive lineman Scott Frantz is openly gay have been overwhelmingly positive from fellow Big 12 players and coaches. Texas linebacker Naashon Hughes wishes more players would follow Frantz’s lead.

"I think more people need to have the same bravery he took and come out and say who they truly are, be comfortable with people coming out and be less homophobic about what people are in this world," Hughes told the Dallas Morning News. "I think that would help today's society a whole­ lot more than where we're at right now."

Hughes said that if he saw Frantz he would "commended him on his bravery." He’ll get that chance Oct. 7 when Texas plays host to Kansas State.

Hughes’ comments were echoed by punter Michael Dickson and Texas Coach Tom Herman.

"He might lead to other people being able to openly say it or even if it's not publicly, to come out to their families," Dickson said. "I think it's a good thing."

Herman told the paper he thought an openly gay Longhorn player would be accepted.

“If we are family like we say we are, then this member of our family has just shared with us a piece of information that's a bit sensitive — but he's also asking for your love and acceptance. I think we'd be just fine."

Both Frantz, openly gay Arizona freshman player My-King Johnson and their coaches are downplaying the significance of their being out, saying they just want to focus on football. That’s a wise decision, but the comments from rival coaches and players show that they realize both young men have done something unique and should be applauded for it.