A former Univ. of Nevada softball player has come out publicly as transgender, bringing more key visibility to to the presence of trans people in our lives.

Sam Hunt talked openly with Carson Now about his transition and entry into the National Guard:

"I didn't know anybody in the Nevada Army Guard," said Hunt, who took on the physical appearance of a man, including a short haircut, by the time she entered the Nevada Army Guard. "I was telling people I was a male in the civilian world, but I was still a female on the record books in the Army. It was a strange transition."

Hunt told Outsports that he has received “positive responses” and “a lot of support” since the story ran.

Please note that Hunt is mis-gendered and named by his former name extensively in the Carson Now piece. We hope publications will learn that trans people are the gender as which they present and not as which they are born, and that their former names are not their names.

Still, we so appreciate Carson Now bringing Hunt’s story to our attention!

Either way, no sense in us rehashing the story. Go check out Hunt’s story on Carson Now!

You can find Sam Hunt on Facebook.

Hat tip: Erik Hall