Transgender cyclist Kristen Worley has reached a settlement with Cycling Canada, the Ontario Cycling Association and Union Cycliste Internationale in a human-rights application she had previously filed.

Worley was attempting to make the sport competitive of cycling more open to transgender women. It looks like she’s taken a big step in that direction, as Worley told Cycling Canada that she is happy with the outcome.

“My vision encourages sport and the Olympic Movement to do what it is supposed to do best: harmonizing and celebrating through sport the magic and enormity of our human diversity,” Worley said.

In addition to efforts by UCI, Cycling Canada and the Ontario Cycling Association have agreed to take some steps toward transgender inclusion. From Cycling Canada’s Web site:

• Review and revise internal policies to embrace human rights;

• Launch awareness and education related to diversity of participants;

• Advocate for the establishment of standards and guidelines related to XY female athletes based in objective scientific research;

• Advocate for individualized Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) conducted by medical personnel with subject-matter expertise;

• Solicit CCES, COC, Sport Canada, Commonwealth Games Federation and the Canadian Minister of Sport to advance this advocacy message to international bodies such as WADA and the IOC.

Worley is a longtime advocate for trans inclusion in sports.