Baylor offensive lineman Blake Blackmar recently talked about fellow Big XII lineman Scott Frantz, who came out publicly as gay last month. Blackmar had no qualms with having a gay teammate and said a football locker room builds bonds and trust that can help athletes come out to their teammates.

"It kind of goes back to what we've been kind of moving toward as a school, everyone deserves to be treated equally and you respect everyone," Blackmar told SportsDay. "So good for him, and whatever his decisions are made, as long as they're for the benefit of him and his team, I'm sure it's a good deal."

We’ve now heard LGBT-supportive messages from people across Big XII football, including Kansas State Wildcats coach Bill Snyder, Texas Tech Red Raiders coach Kliff Kingsbury and Texas linebacker Naashon Hughes.

Previously, Baylor had a school policy prohibiting homosexuality. The school has since removed that policy after it was criticized following the coming out of former Baylor basketball star Brittney Griner and the pressures she said the policy brought her.

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