It’s gay pride today in Provo, Utah, but at the city’s one gay bar it was a sea of Wisconsin red this morning, gay and straight, since pregame college football drinking knows no sexual orientation.

City Limits, the lone gay bar in Provo, and one of only two bars in the Mormon-dominated city, normally opens at noon on Saturdays and gets a smattering of people in the afternoon. But today, with Wisconsin playing at BYU, the bar opened at 10 a.m. and was filled with Badgers fans of all sexual orientations.

“Everybody thought it was cool that we opened up just for this game,” bartender Tucker Foit told Outsports. The drinks of choice? Bud Light and shots of Fireball. Lots of shots of Fireball.

The crowd was loud but fun, Foit said, and he did have one message he wanted the world to know about Wisconsin fans:
“They're really, really good tippers, better than the Utah tippers,” he said, and then repeated for emphasis, “Wisconsin fans are better tippers than the Utah fans and you can put that in your story.”

Foit, 41, is straight and has worked at City Limits for two years and loves the job. He calls himself an ally of the LGBT community, saying, “I feel they should have the same rights as everyone. We're all human beings.”

City Limits can expect another rush of red after today’s game, and Foit has some advice for Wisconsin’s football schedule makers:

“I would love if they could come back and do this again.”