We were thrilled to have professional skateboarder Hanna Zanzi stop by and talk with our Gretchen Pleshaw at the X Games over the summer in Minneapolis. Zanzi had taken a long hiatus from the sport but returned last year and immediately found herself winning and placing in events.

She talked openly about being in love with another woman and her journey to finding that part of herself.

"I've known ever since I was ‘yea big,’ I've always been interested in women,” Zanzi told Pleshaw. “I guess it just took time for me to find the right person. It really does take time. You can't go looking for it, you can't go pushing for it. You just have to wait and it will come to you.”

Zanzi finished eighth overall in the skateboard park event at the X Games. She lives in Southern California.

You can follow Hanna Zanzi on Instagram @hanna_zanzi, or on Facebook.