Australian boxer Anthony Mundine thinks the gays are in big trouble. His religion of Islam tells him that homosexuality is a sin, and he says he simply fears for their future. It’s a warning he feels the need to pass on to everyone else in the world, including his gay friends.

“My biggest fear is Allah and if Allah prohibits it, then it’s wrong,” he recently told Stuff. “I always tell my gay friend, ‘You’ve got to find a lady. … God will judge you, not me’.”

Apart from Allah, Mundine’s also said that homosexuality is incompatible with Aboriginal beliefs and attacked Australia for promoting a gay lifestyle to youth. Mundine is Aboriginal.

Mundine seems to enjoy pissing people off and being this controversial bad boy. He said after the 2001 terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 that America “brought it upon themselves.” In 2011 a Daily Telegraph columnist labeled him “the most polarizing athlete in Australian sports history.”

With almost 62% of Australian voters approving of same-sex marriage late last year, people like Mundine are in a shrinking minority. So it’s doubtful his name will be put on a sports facility anytime soon.