This year Kraft is turning everyday families into Super Bowl commercial stars. The company has built its Super Bowl campaign around the idea that “family” is a verb, and that everyone in the world is invited “to family.” The company promises to feature families of every kind.

We’ll be waiting to see how many same-sex couples and LGBTQ people they feature in the ad.

“There is no wrong way to family,” Kraft spokesperson Anne Field told USA Today, “as long as people do it with love and conviction.”

If their commercial teaser is any indication, they’ll be including same-sex couples. There’s at least one in the teaser, if not more.

Of course, we can’t know if anyone featured is actually LGBTQ or not. There are certainly bisexual and queer people in heterosexual relationships. Heck, there are married gay men and lesbians who haven’t come out yet.

But we’ll be watching to see if anyone featured in the Kraft Super Bowl commercial is in a same-sex relationship or is otherwise, somehow, clearly LGBTQ.

You can visit to submit your family photo.

Incidentally, the company is not affiliated with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.