Tom Bosworth, an Olympic race walker from Britain who is openly gay, celebrated National Coming Out Day by posting on Instagram a lovely photo of him kissing his fiance, Harry Dineley.

Who could object to either the photo or message? Well, apparently 50 of Bosworth’s followers could, since they unfollowed him. Bosworth took to Twitter to express his puzzlement.

Last night I shared this picture on Instagram for #nationalcomingoutday. It received a lot of love! Since then 50 people unfollowed me! I don't post romantic pictures very often and I’ve never hidden who I am so I don't understand why these individuals followed me in the first place!

The simple explanation is that people are weird, especially on social media. Bosworth has been very open about being gay. At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, he made news when he proposed to Dineley on the beach. These 50 people are pretty clueless or else they’d rather gay athletes not display the kind of affection straight athletes are allowed.

Or it could be as one person tweeted: “I imagine it’s because your tie is a mess ;-)”

The most important thing is what Bosworth wrote in his Instagram post and his response to the 50 who unfollowed him should have been, “good riddance.”

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