The Warwick Rowers are including openly gay World Cup champion Robbie Manson in their latest calendar.

The big news here is that Warwick Rowers are welcoming an openly gay world champion to their calendar promotion. The sexual orientation of the individual rowers has almost never been discussed. So the fact that they would welcome a naked gay dude to the photo shoots and calendar says a lot about the actual inclusion of the members of the club.

The gesture was not lost on Manson, who said in a statement “when the guys invited me to join them in their tenth-anniversary calendar, I got on a plane!”

The Warwick Rowers have for many years created a mostly naked calendar to raise money for the club and to fight homophobia in sports. The calendars have reportedly been banned in Russia as “gay propaganda.”

Robbie Manson came out publicly as gay in 2014.

You can order this year’s calendar here.

You can follow Robbie Manson on Instagram @robbie_manson, or on Twitter @rob_rower.