Calgary Stampeders offensive lineman Derek “Bonecrusher” Dennis was in a bad mood after his team lost to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers last weekend in a Canadian Football League game and he outlined his litany of complaints on Twitter about the fans at Winnipeg’s Investor Group Field.

1. they pump crowd noise stadium isn’t that loud

2. That damn cannon smoke was what Was actually in the air not fog!

3. Fans are rude n classless… in what world is it ok to call me gay cause I have colored hair?

Ted Wyman, a CFL writer, dismissed the first two complaints as sour grapes, but said of the third: “As for the homophobic slur, that is simply disgraceful and not a proud moment for Winnipeg fans, if true.”

It’s tempting to chuckle at the thought of someone nicknamed “Bonecrusher” getting bothered by any fan comments, but seemingly small slurs like picking on someone’s hair color is how a lot of homophobia starts. One microaggression can quickly lead to others, as anyone who has been bullied can attest to.

Fans can mock Dennis all they want for complaining about noise levels or cannon smoke, but using gay slurs because of his hair color is not acceptable and is homophobic.