Dario Larralde, a boxer in Mexico, took to Twitter recently to say some of the most hateful things we have heard from any athlete in the Western Hemisphere in the last decade.

The translation of Larralde’s message into English, according to Back2Stonewall (and please excuse the curse words):

“F**k me f**king gays, I have a f**king phobia … everywhere I go there’s always a gay punk watching me … Everything your community does, everything you do, everything you represent, shits me, I will never accept it. I know that Hitler was a bad person, but in that I support him. The plague gays are a pest.”

Obviously it’s not a perfect translation, but it certainly gives an idea of what he was trying to say.

Adolf Hitler sought to exterminate gay people while he was the head of the Nazi party and the Führer of Germany. In concentration camps they were denoted by a pink triangle on their clothes.

While expressing his (maybe the heaviest quotes we’ve ever used) “apology,” Larralde couldn’t help but show his feelings about gay people by retweeting (even after his non-apology) these tweets (translated by Microsoft from Spanish):

  • They [the gays] talk about lack of tolerance towards them and are the least tolerant
  • Stop your Hate LGBT community, El Chavo already apologizes, you are becoming the stalkers…
  • …gays want to respect them, but they are unable to respect…

Larralde posted several “apology” videos in which he does a complete about-face, saying that he completely supports LGBTQ people, he just doesn’t like being harassed by gay men. Which, apparently, means they are a plague and should be exterminated. OK.

A couple days ago he posted that he will “retire from Twitter. Again with an apology 100% sincere.”

According to Back2Stonewall, Larralde has claimed to be representing Mexico in international boxing competitions.

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