Outsports and SB Nation are thrilled to announce our search for a new site manager to join our team.

Jim Buzinski and Cyd Zeigler started Outsports in 1999. As we head into our 20th year, we are adding to our team to expand the reach, scope and voice of Outsports. If you’re passionate about the LGBTQ sports space, inspiring LGBTQ people across the athletics world, and helping shape the conversations of inclusion in sports, check out the information below and apply to join the Outsports team!

Vox Media’s SB Nation is the fastest-growing online sports media brand and the largest network of more than 300 individual fan-centric sports communities, including SBNation.com, our national flagship property.

Outsports, the SB Nation community covering sports from an LGBTQ perspective, is looking for a new Manager. The Manager would be responsible for the following deliverables:

  • Making sure the site is publishing every day, covering issues relevant to sports fans and athletes in the LGBTQ community from a variety of perspectives, and at a volume high enough for the site to continue to grow but with flexibility to work at your own pace and convenience.
  • Facilitate management and growth of the site’s social media channels.
  • Oversee contributors that cover LGBTQ sports news on the site, and edit stories for publication.
  • Communicate with SB Nation about site goals, traffic, and progress.
  • Moderating and maintaining a vibrant, welcoming site community.

The best candidates will:

  • Have a passion for the subject matter and already be familiar with SB Nation’s voice and standards.
  • Have a familiarity with existing coverage in the space.
  • Understand how to use popular social media networks, like Twitter and Facebook, and be willing to adapt to new best practices.
  • Be able to produce and edit clean copy.
  • Be able to cultivate an online community of passionate sports fans.
  • Have the organizational skills to manage multiple people.
  • Be comfortable working remotely.

This is a contractor position that pays a monthly stipend. Some daytime availability is preferred.

Does this sound like you? If so, apply here!

Vox Media is committed to inclusivity for people of all backgrounds and everyone is encouraged to apply.

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