This year seemingly all 31 NHL teams are hosting some form of “Inclusion Night” or “Pride Night” between Feb. 1 and March 5 for the league’s “Hockey Is For Everyone” campaign.

The NHL teams each handle the celebration of “Hockey Is For Everyone” differently. Some, like the Boston Bruins, have general nights embracing overall inclusion, while others like the New Jersey Devils have LGBT-specific Pride Nights.

Each team has also handled the promotion of their nights differently. Those same Devils have been outwardly unabashed about promoting LGBT Pride, while you have to dig deep to find anything from some teams like the Detroit Red Wings and the Philadelphia Flyers (who didn’t do much last year, either).

Proceeds from most or all of these nights go to You Can Play, which aims to curb homophobic behavior in sports.

Below we’ve provided links to tickets, where we could find them:

Feb. 1: Boston Bruins, New Jersey Devils, Arizona Coyotes

Feb. 3: New York Islanders

Feb. 6: Buffalo Sabres, St. Louis Blues

Feb. 8: Minnesota Wild, Philadelphia Flyers

Feb. 9: Carolina Hurricanes, Florida Panthers, New York Rangers

Feb. 10: Columbus Blue Jackets

Feb. 13: Winnipeg Jets

Feb. 15: Chicago Blackhawks, Las Vegas Golden Knights, Ottawa Senators, San Jose Sharks

Feb. 16: Dallas Stars

Feb. 17: Calgary Flames

Feb. 18: Colorado Avalanche

Feb. 20: Vancouver Canucks

Feb. 21: Anaheim Ducks

Feb. 22: Edmonton Oilers, Nashville Predators

Feb. 24: Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs

Feb. 27: Washington Capitals

Feb. 28: Montreal Canadiens, Tampa Bay Lightning

March 1: Los Angeles Kings

March 5: Pittsburgh Penguins