Adam Rippon, the openly gay Olympic figure skater who’s made quite a name for himself over the last month, brought a bunch of crystals with him to South Korea. Healing crystals, that is.

When NBC correspondent Nick McCarvel asked Rippon about them recently, he waxed poetic about the crystals’ great, mysterious powers.

“They came from the inner belly of mother earth,” Rippon told McCarvel. “And I wanted to feel as connected and grounded as possible, not in regards to the jumps I’ll be attempting… but you know I’m always down for a little hocus-pocus… so I bring them with me in hopes they give me some good Olympic energy.”

McCarvel, incidently, came out publicly as gay on Outsports a while back.

Rippon added that he’s not quite sure what any of the crystals are as he “didn’t learn crystals in school.”

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