Sarka Pancochova and Cheryl Maas aren’t just snowboarders. And they aren’t just out LGBTQ snowboarders.

They’re also both total goofballs and besties.

The two will be competing for different countries on Monday (Primetime Sunday in United States) in the Ladies’ Slopestyle — Pancochova for the Czech Republic and Maas for the Netherlands. But when they’re not competing against each other they are chronicling their joint adventures together on Instagram and YouTube under the banner “Shark Tales and Maas Attacks.”

The “Maas Attacks” is obviously a play on Cheryl’s last night. The “Shark Tales” part of that comes from Pancochova’s first name, said “SHARK-uh.” The spelling of her name in Czech is actually Šárka Pančochová.

This just about sums up the fun these two have:

To be clear, the two of them aren’t girlfriends, they’re just BFFs. Maas is married to Norwegian snowboarder Stine Brun Kjeldaas. Pancochova just came out publicly on Outsports last year.

Maas competed in the Winter Olympics previously, but not since 2006. Pancochova competed in the 2010 and 2014 Olympics. In Sochi she finished fifth in Slopestyle before suffering a brutal crash that broke her helmet.

Outsports’ Gretchen Pleshaw caught up with both of these ladies last year. Check out their fun interviews below. And if you had any idea what kind of goofballs these two really are, check out the outfit Pancochova selected for her big coming-out interview. The best.