Only a few days into the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Team LGBTQ is absolutely killing it.

The publicly out LGBTQ Winter Olympians have already earned four medals.

What’s amazing is that Team LGBTQ is doing it with only 14 athletes that we know of and are counting. One of them, of course, is Ireen Wuest, one of the great Olympic champions of all time with 10 medals so far in her career.

Out Olympians have a history of doing amazing things. In Rio, 47% of them won a medal.

You can track every country’s medal count here.

Here’s the medal rundown for the 2018 out Winter Olympians:


Eric Radford, figure skating: Team competition
Ireen Wust, speed skating: Ladies’ 1,500-meter


Ireen Wust, speed skating: Ladies’ 3,000-meter


Adam Rippon, figure skating: Team competition

You can find complete Winter Olympics 2018 coverage on SB Nation, and Outsports will have the LGBT angle.

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