Brittany Bowe doesn’t hide much about herself. The out LGBTQ Olympic speed skater shares openly on social media about her girlfriend, her family, her beer, and seemingly just about everything else she’s working on.

But there’s one part of her you have to peel off some layers to see.

The Olympic speed skater has two intricate tattoos hiding under her skin-tight rubber speed skating suit. And one of them covers a huge part of her back.

“I have a stairway to heaven along the right side of my body,” she told NBC. “I have my grandmother’s rosary wrapped around my hands in the piece.”

Brittany Bowe loves her “Stairway to Heaven” tattoo.

You can actually watch Bowe get part of the massive “Stairway To Heaven” tattoo on her side, as she posted a snippet of the tattoo artist at work.

Rich D puttin' in work. #inked

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She also has a second tattoo, this one of an owl, under her arm.


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Is the owl because she attended and played basketball for Florida Atlantic University?

“Yes, Florida Atlantic University’s alma mater is The Owls—but, I just like it,” she told NBC.

Bowe has a fifth-place finish in the 1,500-meter under her belt in these Winter Olympics. She has three more shots at a medal before the Games are over.

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