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Adam Rippon pulls out of NBC deal, won’t be Olympic commentator

Rippon had second thoughts after losing his Olympic credential came into focus.

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The Today Show Gallery of Olympians
Adam Rippon will continue to officially be an Olympian for the rest of the 2018 Winter Olympics.
Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images

Update: Adam Rippon has pulled out of a deal that would have had him commentating on the Winter Olympics for NBC for the duration of the Games. Christine Brennan had the scoop:


Adam Rippon didn’t take long to get his first big post-Olympic gig.

The figure skater who has captured America’s heart — in fact he calls himself “America’s Sweetheart” — has been hired by NBC as a commentator for the final week of the Olympics, as reported by USA Today’s Christine Brennan.

It’s a big step for both Rippon, a bronze medalist in these Olympics, and NBC. After totally owning the Olympics over the last week, there has been widespread speculation as to where Rippon could land his witty personality. NBC giving him a cross-platform gig will serve beautifully to help him cut his teeth in the media and fine tune his craft.

For its part, it’s been quite a gay 24 hours for NBC. After broadcasting the kiss between Gus Kenworthy and his boyfriend, NBC is sending a huge message about inclusion by hiring Rippon. Gay athletes now know that NBC is a place that will not discriminate against them in considering them for an on-air gig. While they still employ avowed anti-LGBT activist Tony Dungy, the statement hear is clear: If you’re gay (and with a big personality), we’re interested in hiring.