Ireen Wuest won her 11th Olympic medal, taking silver in the speed skating team event on Wednesday.

Earlier these Winter Olympics, Wuest already passed Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe (who had nine Olympic medals) to become the most decorated LGBTQ Olympian of all time. She also tied Thorpe’s record for the most gold medals by an out LGBT Olympian, earning her fifth gold medal in speed skating earlier in these Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

When thinking about the greatest LGBTQ Olympians of all time, you have to consider Wuest and also diver Greg Louganis. Louganis was in three Olympics and won four golds and a silver. There are fewer medals available to divers than swimmers or speed skaters, so his five-medal accomplishment over the course of 12 years is impressive. Plus, he was favored to win gold in 1980 until President Jimmy Carter decided to punish American athletes and boycott the Summer Olympics in Moscow. Louganis won world championships in 1978 and 1982. Chances are, he would have six or seven medals if given the opportunity.

Regardless, Wuest has won the most Olympic medals of any LGBTQ athlete who came out before or after their Olympic Games (and she’s done much of the damage after coming out publicly). She is also the most decorated Dutch Olympian and the most decorated Olympic speed skater of all time. She has also won the fourth most medals of any Winter Olympian in any sport.

Wuest is a living legend.