Eric Radford and Gus Kenworthy stopped by Pride House on Wednesday to lend their support to LGBTQ inclusion efforts in the Olympics and in the host country of South Korea.

Pride House is an installment that started at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. It’s designed to be a safe house for LGBTQ people, a celebration of LGBTQ culture, and to make a statement about inclusion in sports. LGBTQ rights are not very strong in South Korea, and homosexuality is still a source of shame for many in the country.

Olympians often ignore or don’t know about Pride House, but this year it’s being housed by Team Canada. Plus, Radford has been an outspoken champion for equality efforts in sports since coming out publicly several years ago. So it’s great to see these two Olypmians stop by.

Earlier in the Olympics, Canadian Olympic silver medalist and successful figure skating coach Brian Orser also stopped by.

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