It was such a thrill to sit down with former Olympic speed skater Anastasia Bucsis at the Winter X Games last month. When she saw my media credential that said “Outsports” she said hello and we became fast friends.

Bucsis was one of the few publicly out LGBT athletes at the last Winter Olympics, in Sochi, Russia. She talked with me about why it was important for her to come out publicly before those Olympics. And I’ll admit, when she talked about the loneliness of living life in the closet, I actually teared up.

She’ll be in Pyeongchang for these Winter Olympics, but this time she’s going to be a member of the media working for the CBC. She’s an incredible human being, and I know she’ll do an absolutely fantastic job covering these Winter Games.

You can find complete Winter Olympics 2018 coverage on SB Nation, and Outsports will have the LGBT angle.