The Outgames and its organizers are facing a lawsuit in Federal court that seeks $5 million in damages. According to the Miami Herald, Los Angeles-based athlete Rodney Ferrell has filed a class-action lawsuit against the Outgames and some of the people associated with the Miami-based event.

The Outgames had promised over 10,000 participants, concerts, splashy opening and closing ceremonies, and weeklong sporting activities. When athletes from all around the world arrived in Miami, they were told virtually the entire event was canceled.

Now organizers of the event, who repeatedly misled people both publicly and privately with statements, marketing and silence, face a big, fat lawsuit.

According to the Miami Herald, “defendants include companies World Outgames Miami 2017 and Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association, and event CEO Ivan Cano and COO Keith Hart.”

There have been some rumblings that the Outgames are going to come back and host an event, possibly in Brazil, in future years. Anyone committed to attending anything the Outgames, or its parent group the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association, put on would need to have their heads examined. No one in their right mind could possibly trust the people or processes around this event to host a sporting event ever again.

Check out the Miami Herald for more information on this lawsuit.

While the Outgames were an unmitigated disaster, the Gay Games in Paris this August will not be.

The Gay Games are a completely separate organization that has held nine very successful quadrennial LGBTQ sporting events since 1982. Paris organizers say they already have over 7,000 registrants, which is great over five months out from the event.

Outsports will be happily celebrating and participating at the Gay Games in Paris.

You can find more information about the Gay Games and register here.