Jake Bain, the openly gay football star headed to Indiana State next fall, will be the center of love and joy on Monday as the community rallies around its hero.

The reason for the outpouring of support is because the jerks from the Westboro group (I will not call them a “church” by any stretch of the imagination) plan to stage a hate-filled rally

A bunch of people are expected to rally around Bain on Monday, who seems to be a superstar in more ways than one.

“He is a great athlete, but he’s a better kid,” Andy Abbott, Head of School at John Burroughs, told Fox 2 Now. “He’s a great student and he’s a great friend to his peers.”

Bain was recently honored by the St. Louis Blues.

From the sounds of an email sent to parents from the school (shared in its entirety on Fox 2 Now), it sounds like Westboro will be stirring far more love than hate.

On Tuesday morning, however, more than 200 students showed up an hour before school to discuss the situation and talk about what our response should be. At assembly on Tuesday, one of our students spoke passionately and received a spontaneous and sustained standing ovation.

If you want to join the outpouring of support for Bain, the Westboro jerks and the support group will be demonstrating at John Burroughs School Monday morning before school. There is a #StandWithJake Facebook page with more info.