LGBT Scottish athletes open up about the challenges they face in a video “Playing With Pride,” by Kendal Dick.

The short film features Christopher Saynt, an openly gay pro wrestler who came out in 2014. Saynt said he received a lot of support but still battles stereotypes surrounding the sport.

“I get a lot of the stigma because I run around in lyrca pants, but to be fair, wrestling gets that stigma,” Saynt said. “My favorite thing about wrestling is that wrestling is the gayest sport out there. I run around in glittery blue pants wrestling a man in glittery pink pants.”

The film also interviews Rachael Campbell and Georgia Moran, two LGBT field hockey players who came out to great support. “Nobody batted an eyelash,” Moran said, though they acknowledged that out women in Scotland have an easier time than men. A fourth athlete featured is Charlie, a runner, who encourages schools to teach young people about what being LGBT means.

The video notes that a 2012 survey in Scotland found that 79% of people think homophobia in sports is still a problem. This video puts a face behind the abstract idea of out LGBT athletes. “My main advice,” Saynt said, “is do what makes you happy, and if that is coming out, do it and you’ll never look back.”

Hat tip: Pink Saltire

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