The NFL is “looking into the matter” of one of its teams asking a prospect if he “likes men.” The action comes after LSU running back and NFL prospect Derrius Guice said he was asked the question by at least one team at the NFL Combine. Guice was also asked if his mother is a prostitute.

League spokesperson Brian McCarthy sent this statement to Outsports Thursday morning:

“A question such as that is completely inappropriate and wholly contrary to league workplace policies. The NFL and its clubs are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all employees in a manner that is consistent with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, state and federal laws and the CBA. We are looking into the matter.

“The league annually reminds clubs of these workplace policies that prohibit personnel from seeking information concerning a player’s sexual orientation.”

This is the second time in two years a team has gone down this road. Last time the NFL found that the Atlanta Falcons and coach Marquand Manuel had been the offending parties. The league took no action against them.

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