An explosive report out of Richland 44 School District in Colfax, N.D., alleges that a widespread “rape game” involving student-athletes claimed many victims over the last three years, and that complaints to school officials about the sodomy and sexual assault were virtually ignored. Now a superintendent, principal and athletic director are all gone as parents are left wondering how this happened.

According to reports, it’s not clear what exactly the “game,” as it was called, involved. However, some accounts reportedly include forced forced anal penetration as victims were being held down.

Five students have been charged with a litany of misdemeanors and felonies.

From the West Fargo Pioneer:

The report says hazing and sexual misconduct took place in locker rooms, on field trips and during physical education class and musical rehearsals. The report also says district policies on hazing and bullying are not accessible or easily understood and that staff training on these policies is insufficient.

Sadly, this is has become an all-too-common story among high school athletes and powerful men looking to keep the issue in the shadows. Hazing continues to be a sometimes deadly problem for many sports programs across the country, mostly with boys and young men.

If the allegations are true, hopefully the perpetrators and the adults who turned a blind eye will be held accountable to the full extent of the law.