WWE pro wrestler Finn Balor entered the ring at Wrestlemania Sunday in New Orleans surrounded by members of the LGBT community wearing his rainbow-colored T-shirts that benefit GLAAD. The event also saw the debut of an out lesbian wrestler.

“Imagine all the people living in peace,” the Irish Balor tweeted out following the event.

GLAAD, which fights for positive images of LGBT people in the media, thanked Balor for his statement of inclusion. The WWE announced last week that part of the proceeds from the sale of Balor’s rainbow shirt will benefit GLAAD.

Anthony Bowens, an openly bisexual pro wrestler, applauded Balor and said he loved the wrestler’s entrance.

“I’m glad Finn decided to use that platform and Wrestlemania — the biggest show of the year — to express his support for the community and the solidarity of everyone in general,” Bowens told Outsports. “He is trying to convey a message of equality and acceptance no matter what your race, sexuality, religion, etc.”

The event also saw the debut of Sonya Deville, the WWE’s first lesbian wrestler. Deville was appropriately decked out for the occasion.

“I’m wearing rainbow gear, a rainbow robe and I got rainbow braids in my hair. Tonight, LGBT community, I’m representing y’all,” she said on Twitter.

WWE remains a cultural force and to have positive images of LGBT people is important since it reaches an audience that skews heavily to men, especially those with a high school education or less, people who might not otherwise see such a message.