ESPN’s new series ‘We The Fans: Dallas’ will feature a gay couple about to be married, who have bonded over their love for the Dallas Cowboys.

The ESPN Features Unit followed 12 Cowboys fans through the 2017 NFL season. Tim Sehon and Justin McCurry, an interracial gay couple from Arlington, Texas, are diehard Cowboys fans. They met at a friend’s game night and hit it off quickly, each of them seeing a familiar competitiveness in the other.

Yet in high school, they had very different relationships with football.

McCurry was teased regularly as other kids in high school, including his teammates, thought (correctly) that he was gay.

“I didn’t want to face it going to practice in the locker room having people talk about me or laugh at me, so I just stopped with the sports,” McCurry told Outsports. “But if I knew then what I know now I would have continued on and not let that bother me. Just knowing to not always let what other people are saying affect you.

“I wouldn’t let that stop me from striving for what I want to do now.”

Sehon, on the other hand, wasn’t suspected of being gay on his high school football team. He dated women regularly and buried any feelings he had for other men.

“I tried to play the part until my early 20s,” Sehon said. “I finally got out on my own, living on my own, and I finally just decided I’m going to be 100% me. Your’e either going to be there to accept me or you’re not.”

The couple’s appearance in the first episode revolves heavily around acceptance. The two got engaged to marry last year, and McCurry knew he needed to return home to Indianola, Mississippi, to share the news with his family in person. It was telling McCurry’s mother that made the couple nervous.

“She already knew I was gay,” McCurry said, “but she’s a very good Christian and just me getting ready to go toward her with that, it put me in an awkward moment because I didn’t know what to expect from her. I was super nervous because I was afraid she would turn her back on me.”

You’ll have to tune into the show to find out the result of the trip and to follow these two lovebirds through the 2017 Cowboys season.

The entire ‘We The Fans: Dallas’ series of four one-hour episodes airs Thursday, April 12, 7-11pmET.

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