A couple of sports films with gay angles have come across our desks lately, even if one of them is already a couple years old.

Towleroad has highlighted a Swiss film titled “Mario” that tells the story of two soccer teammates who fall in love.

From the film’s YouTube page:

A Heart-Warming Rollercoaster, Set on and off the Pitch, offers a dynamic and realistic picture of how gay Professional Footballers are still seen as out of step in the 21st Century. The Film follows an unexpected Love Affair between keen rival Mario (Max Hubacher) and Leon (Aaron Altaras) the new striker from Germany, but the path of gay love in this macho world is not an easy one.

You can watch the trailer for “Mario” here:

“Handsome Devil” is actually a 2016 Irish film but was just part of the Garden State Film Festival in New Jersey last month. It centers around a gay nerd who has no interest in rugby and a star rugby player with a secret.

Check out the trailer here:

We’re looking forward to seeing more LGBTQ athletes at the center of film and TV in the coming months and years.

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