According to professional boxer Adrien Broner, the way to insult an opponent and his even match against you is to call everything “gay.”

That’s the tactic Broner took after a draw between him and Jesse Vargas. Neither of the men was able to dominate the other, and the judges determined the bout was a draw.

Broner wasn’t having any of it, saying in a face-to-face interview after the match:

“I beat yo’ ass. Look at his face. It looks like I beat him like they beat Martin Luther King with, man. We didn’t go at it. That’s gay. Goin’ at is gay. I beat yo’ ass.”

Going at it is “gay.” Whatever that means. And the MLK reference… wow.

Actually, Adrien Broner, punching another guy in the face, stomach and everywhere else isn’t so “gay.” The gay men I know actually appreciate other men and don’t try to destroy them in a four-sided ring by punching them in the face.

You can share your thoughts on Broner’s idiotic comments via his Twitter feed @AdrienBroner.