At one time in her teenage years, Alexys Mergy of San Diego broke off a relationship with a girl because her parents disapproved of her being a lesbian.

Those days are long in the past as Mergy, 19, learned Friday when her stepdad texted her a photo from the San Diego Padres vs. New York Mets game, which happened to be the Padres’ Pride night. Her stepdad even used a rainbow flag emoji in his text.

Mergy was thrilled and took to Twitter to express her delight.

Mergy told me that her parents “found a note that I was passing in class to my friends sophomore year of high school that was talking about my girlfriend at the time” and forbade her from seeing the girl.

She cut off the relationship and kept others secret through high school. But starting late last year, after she moved in with her current girlfriend, Annais, her parents came around and now lovingly accept their daughter for who she is. Her girlfriend is now considered a part of the family and it was cool that her stepdad joked that he wished the two young women were at the game instead of her brothers (“the dumb boys”).

Mergy has an interest in architectural engineering and is considering joining the Navy or Air Force, something she now can do as an openly gay person.

Baseball has long been a way to unite families and the Padres Pride night showed that once again.

“Annais and I felt that [my stepdad’s text] makes us feel truly apart of the family and that we’re loved for who we are and it feels good to know that,” Mergy said.

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