Oh those crazy kids.

Two Univ. of Arizona baseball players decided to celebrate “Prom Month” by posing for several cute couples pictures, and the Pac-12 Network was there to catch the adorable moment.


One of the players, No. 26, is junior pitcher Michael Flynn. We’re not sure exactly who the other player is, and the baseball contact at the Arizona athletics department did not reply to our request for information on the player. If you can identify him, let us know.

While I somehow doubt the two teammates are actually a couple, I appreciate the good nature of the images. Being able to goof around in a fun, friendly way with other teammates is part of the game, and there’s no harm or foul in this.

The Wildcats won the College World Series in 2012 and finished runners-up in 2016. The Arizona Wildcats are currently ranked seventh in the Pac-12, so their chances of making it to the College World Series this year are just about zero.

Yet this cute couple will live in our hearts well past the end of the season.