Nike has announced the release of its popular BeTrue line, which this year will hit and select stores on June 6.

This year’s line will prominently feature colors and symbols from the community’s past. The pink triangle, which was used by Germans during World War II to identify gay people, and whose power has been totally reclaimed by the LGBTQ community, is featured prominently on a couple of the shoes. The color lavender, which, Nike points out, pre-dates the rainbow in the community’s symbolism, is also featured. And of course, the popular rainbow flag, which helped catapult the BeTrue line to such popularity, can be found on a couple of the 2018 shoes as well.

The annual BeTrue line started in 2012 as a celebration of the LGBTQ community and Pride Month. The line has made headlines at times, whether worn by Jason Collins or the target of bans by Russian lawmakers.

Part of the proceeds from the shoes is returned to the community in the form of grants provided to non-profit organizations working to end anti-LGBTQ bias in sports and across our culture.

Nike’s Shawn Ormsby has been the lead designer for the line since its inception, and Nike employees Robert Goman and Quinton Hawks, among many other incredible advocates at the company, have helped guide the line and Nike’s LGBT and Friends Network in recent years.

Nike will be making splashes at various pride celebrations throughout the month of June.

Be sure to head back to on June 6 to grab your shoes and shirts for Pride!