The Baltimore Orioles will play host to LGBT Pride Night on June 27 at their game against the Seattle Mariners, the team has announced.

This is the first time the Orioles have made LGBT Pride Night an official team event. In the past, LGBT Pride Night has been a community-organized outing benefitting the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland.

Now the team has brought the event in-house and made it an official event on the team’s schedule.

According to the Orioles, “a portion of the ticket proceeds will benefit Moveable Feast, a Baltimore-based nonprofit that provides nutritious foods and other services in order to preserve quality of life for people with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening conditions.”

For team spokesperson Greg Bader, an out gay man in the team’s front office, the Pride Night has added meaning.

“On a personal level, as a gay man, I’m proud of the Orioles for hosting an official LGBT Pride Night, as it sends a clear message to our fans – and our staff – that the organization is welcoming and supportive of everyone, regardless of someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity,” Bader said. “Based on the behind-the-scenes support the organization has afforded me and my fellow LGBT coworkers through the years, it’s no surprise that the team would also be so supportive in this public way.”

Tickets start at $35, and there’s a VIP package that includes a pregame party for $70. You can purchase tickets here.

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