It was a busy weekend for LGBT Pride events this weekend and 17 teams from five pro sports took part in games and a parade.

In Major League Baseball, the Blue Jays, Cubs, Reds, Red Sox, Rays, Dodgers and Athletics held Pride nights. The Red Sox kicked it off with their event Thursday, while the Cubs finished up Sunday.

In Major League Soccer, the Columbus Crew, Chicago Fire and San Jose Earthquakes held their Pride nights, while the Philadelphia Union marched in that city’s Pride parade . In Portland, Timbers player Zarek Valentin wore a ribbon in his hair to raise money for LGBTQ youth groups.

In the WNBA, the Los Angeles Sparks held their Pride night, while the NBA’s 76ers marched in the Philadelphia Pride parade. The NHL’s Bruins participated in Boston’s Pride parade, the Capitals in the DC parade and the Oilers in the Edmonton parade.

Here are some images from sports and Pride this weekend:


Boston Red Sox:

Toronto Blue Jays:

Fans gather in an outfield bar decorated at Rogers Centre.

Chicago Cubs:

Cincinnati Reds:

Tampa Bay Rays:


Openly gay former umpire Dale Scott throws out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium.

Oakland Athletics:


Columbus Crew:

Chicago Fire:

Chicago Fire mascot Sparky sports a rainbow bow for Pride night at Bridgeview Stadium.

San Jose Earthquakes:

Portland Timbers:

Above, Zarek Valentin of the Timbers wore a ribbon to raise money for LGBTQ youth.

Philadelphia Union:


Los Angeles Sparks:


Philadelphia 76ers:


Boston Bruins:

Washington Capitals:

Edmonton Oilers:

These events by pro sports teams are a positive development, despite some online bitching — the Dodgers recognized an opposite-sex marriage proposal on the Jumbotron (Why that was bothersome to some is beyond me. I thought love was love?); the Reds didn’t promote their event enough (It was their first, so give them a break, and their hats rocked); the Timbers player’s hair ribbon was too muted (Who cares? He raised a lot of money for a worthy charity).

Story updated with Bruins’ participation in Pride.