Updated June 26

Over two-thirds of the NHL teams — 21 total — are marching in Pride parades and marches this year, an impressive showing of support for the LGBTQ community from the league’s members in its many local markets.

The New Jersey Devils, who have wrapped its arms around the LGBTQ community for the last couple seasons and supported front-office executive Joe Altenau when he came out publicly over a year ago, will march in two Pride events.

Including the Devils, next Sunday’s New York City Pride March will include three NHL teams, plus the league front office. Plus, of course, Outsports will be marching in New York City as well.

The full rundown of NHL teams taking to the streets for Pride:

Carolina Hurricanes, May 4
Winnipeg Jets, June 3
Boston Bruins, June 9
Edmonton Oilers, June 9
Washington Capitals, June 9
Pittsburgh Penguins, June 10
Columbus Blue Jackets, June 17
Tampa Bay Lightning, June 23
Chicago Blackhawks, June 24
Minnesota Wild, June 24
Nashville Predators, June 24
New York Rangers, June 24
New York Islanders, June 24
St. Louis Blues, June 24
Toronto Maple Leafs, June 24
New Jersey Devils, June 24 (NYC), July 15 (Newark)
Vancouver Canucks, August 5
Montreal Canadiens, August 19
Ottawa Senators, August 26
Calgary Flames, September 2
Vegas Golden Knights, October 21

Jessica Berman, the NHL’s Vice President, Special Projects and Corporate Social Responsibility, told Outsports that the 21 teams marching in 2018 are up from 12 teams last year, a 75% increase.

It’s a positive showing for the NHL. While the league has never had a current or former player or coach come out publicly, the participation of these teams sends a positive message.

Plus, the league front office is marching in Pride parades and marches in New York, Toronto and Montreal. In addition, every single team had some kind of Pride Night earlier this season.

Kudos for the NHL for a positive Pride month.