Nebraska Cornhuskers football has just hired their former coach Ron Brown to lead player development and work with the school’s Life Skills program for players.

The school’s press release said, via Corn Nation:

In his new role at Nebraska, Brown will serve in a non-coaching role, mentoring Husker football student-athletes in numerous off-field development areas. Brown will work closely with Nebraska’s nationally renowned Life Skills program and assist in community outreach efforts of Husker football players and staff.

Brown has been very public of his proudly anti-gay beliefs that he has used to undermine equal rights for LGBTQ people. In 2012 he testified publicly in support of discriminating against gay people.

In claiming that his Christian faith demands that he be anti-gay, he has also said he is at Nebraska very specifically to “bring honor and glory to God.” Yes, the man in charge of player development and working with the Life Skills program has said his job at the school is a complete dedication to his Christian God.

Prior to returning to Nebraska, Brown had been an assistant coach with the Christian-based Liberty University football team. Liberty is one of the most rabidly anti-LGBTQ academic institutions in America, highlighted on Campus Pride’s Shame List. Brown just this year called Liberty the “perfect” place for football student-athletes.

Brown was picked for the job by Scott Frost, the current Nebraska head coach and one of Brown’s former players, who said he knows Brown will have an “impact” on his current players.