Dave Price, the trainer with the Kansas City Chiefs who helped steer Ryan O’Callaghan away from suicide, has died. He was 58.

Price was a trainer in the NFL over the course of three decades for three teams: The Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs. It was with the Chiefs that he met O’Callaghan, identified that he needed psychological help, and connected him with Dr. Susan Wilson, who guided him through a life-saving coming-out process.

“I am fortunate to have met, worked with and become friends with Dave Price,” O’Callaghan told Outsports. “He was a great man and true professional who was there for me when I needed someone the most. I am forever grateful for everything he did for me.”

Price spoke proudly last year about his role in getting O’Callaghan the psychological help he needed to save his life. I spoke with Price one time, and he could not have been more positive and loving about O’Callaghan.

“If he was [gay], so be it,” Price told me last year. “It never came into my mindset that it bothered me, or I was uncomfortable. I enjoyed working with him and rehabbing him, and his sexual orientation didn’t matter to me.”

Price was the perfect example of someone who truly deserves the label of “ally,” working behind the scenes to get people the support they so desperately need. His presence in this world will be missed.

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