The AFLW — Australia Rules Football League for Women — last year banned transgender player Hannah Mouncey from the league’s rookie draft. Now the league is trying to figure out what exactly its policy should be for trans women interested in playing in the league.

In the last week the league has invited some feedback on trans policy proposals being considered. According to reports, the new policy mandates a testosterone level in trans women of five nanomoles per liter for 24 months. The current International Olympic Committee policy places the limit at 10 nmol/L, though the official IOC policy is likely to change in the coming months as a proposal has been put forward to reduce the limit to five.

Mouncey herself is part of a group that has been asked to review trans-policy proposals, as she confirmed on Twitter:

Trans women playing sports in Australia isn’t a new phenomenon. Carolie Layt participated in rugby over a decade ago, among others. Now Mouncey’s quest to play in the AFLW, in addition to a broader societal awareness of trans athletes, has elevated the topic to a national conversational in Australia.

We’ll keep an eye on the AFLW’s quest to craft a trans policy for its players.