Manchester United last weekend unveiled the club’s new pink away kit, and a bunch of people were not happy about it one bit.

The light pink uniforms were, according to Indy 100, an homage to Football Pink, a paper than ran for over a century. That didn’t stop fans from taking aim at the color pink for their favorite club.

When SB Nation’s Manchester United blog, The Busby Babe, posted about the new kit last month, fans weren’t happy about it.

“Now we’ll have the clown outfits to match the running of the club,” commented one person.

“How is this kit a beauty?” Asked another. “It’s fucking shit.” Oh my!

As Indy 100 noted

It only takes a scroll through tweets describing the players as ‘strong’ and praising them as ‘real men’ to see that the feminine connotations of pink still linger, yet this conversation seems to be the elephant in the room.

There’s no doubt a lot of men don’t like the color pink one bit. While many men have reclaimed the color, it is still associated with the pink triangle of Nazi Germany, which sentenced so many LGBTQ people to death as less-than-worthy of life.

We’re thrilled that an historic club like ManU would adopt such a beautiful kit, and we hope they make this a tradition carried on in future seasons. It’s only with organizations like this utilizing symbols like this that we can break through so many of the assumed roles of basic elements of life like color, gender and masculinity.