Openly lesbian professional football player Kaycee Clark is one of the three finalists competing for the $500,000 prize on the season finale of “Big Brother 20,” which airs Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. EDT on CBS.

Clark is a wide receiver for the San Diego Surge of the Women’s Football Alliance and has played for the Surge in six of the past eight seasons. In 2017, she led her team in receiving yards and in touchdowns with five.

Clark is a finalist along with fellow LGBT contestant JC Mounduix and season-long favorite Tyler Crispen. Clark has played a terrific game all season long, winning a season-high seven competitions, and forging strong relationships with several members of the jury, the group that will likely decide her fate tonight.

If she advances to the final round in the early part of tonight’s 90-minute finale, she will be questioned by the jury of the previous nine eliminated players. The jury will then vote for who they believe should win $500,000.

If she wins, Clark will be the first openly gay contestant to win the show since 2013 and will be the first lesbian contestant to win.

UPDATE: Kaycee Clark won the final Head of Household competition, and ultimately defeated Tyler Crispen in a 5-4 vote to win ‘Big Brother 20’ and the $500,000 prize.

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