The Boston Celtics are finally joining the list of pro sports teams with LGBT Pride nights when they host their first such event tonight against the Indiana Pacers.

The NBA team had reserved 200 tickets and, thanks to the efforts of the Boston Gay Basketball League, the allotment has been sold out.

The Celtics will honor local resident Steve Harrington as its “Hero Among Us” for the night, the team said in a release:

As a proud openly gay man, Steve Harrington has competed in every Gay Games since their inception in 1982, winning multiple gold medals for basketball. Determined to make a difference off the court, Steve began volunteering at the North Shore Alliance of LGBTQ youth in 2009. Over the last 11 years, Steve has tirelessly worked to empower members of LGBTQ community, impacting over 19,000 individuals in Boston.

In honor of Pride Night, and for his commitment to improving the lives of LGBTQ young people, Harrington is being honored as a Hero Among Us.

Boston has a robust LGBT sports scene, so it’s only fitting that the Celtics are finally having a Pride night. The baseball Red Sox have been doing one for years.

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