Time once again for Outsports to stop the clock for an instant reply of the week that was. It’s my way of memorializing the glorious victories, the ignominious defeats, and the players and personalities who made them, lived them or just couldn’t avoid them.

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Winners: Gay male cheerleader and the squad that protested in his defense

The 14 year old boy kept cheering, even as players reportedly chanted the “F” word at him. In protest, cheerleaders refused to take part in the high school football game tradition of holding up banners for the players to run through. The boy responded to haters on Twitter.

Losers: Nationals celebrate their LGBTQ fans and the Astros do nothing

The Nationals have celebrated LGBTQ Pride night for 15 years, while the Astros were one-and-done in 2010.

Winners: Megan Rapinoe, Kelley O’Hara and Alex Morgan have a new ‘soccer mom’

ESPN’s Katie Nolan plays soccer mom to Megan Rapinoe, Kelley O’Hara and Alex Morgan in a new YouTube video.

Loser: Homophobic new leader of British soccer fan group

Newly elected co-chair of The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust in the UK repeatedly flaunted his anti-LGBTQ views to other board members according to leaked messages.

Winner: Wrestler Jake Atlas — who is gay — signs with WWE

The prolific athlete and LGBTQ advocate is expected to join the company’s performance center in January 2020.

Loser: Telegraph columnist David Thomas for his “Trans I.D.” proposal

This dude suggests that transgender people should be required to carry special identification papers to use locker rooms, bathrooms and other gendered spaces. Mr. Thomas, Nazi Germany called and they’re claiming you violated their copyright on hate.

Winners: Washington DC and Denver repeat as Gay Bowl champs

Hosted in New York earlier this month, Gay Bowl XIX featured the world’s best LGBTQ football teams.

Winner: NCAA OneTeam Program helps Division III schools become effective allies

At smaller schools like Ohio’s Kenyon College — which just happens to be our Ken Schultz’s alma mater — the NCAA’s OneTeam initiative helps guide coaches and athletic staff to create LGBTQ-inclusive environments.

Winner: Wrestler Kiera Hogan’s ‘Coming Out Party’ spreads love and pride

Stops at advocacy groups, a drag show and the Chicago Wolves’ inaugural Pride Night highlighted Kiera Hogan’s advocacy tour. She spoke to our Brian C. Bell for his LGBT In The Ring podcast.

Winner: Juniper Eastwood, the first out trans NCAA Division I runner, named conference athlete of the week

22-year-old University of Montana student Juniper Eastwood is an athlete on the women’s cross-country team, and in August became the first Division I trans athlete to compete in her sport.

Winner: Closeted athlete spurred by death of gay brother to come out and pursue career in sports administration

Gay athlete and future sports administrator Dakota Boring was devastated by his younger brother’s death, but it inspired him to come out and pursue his passion.

Winners: Listeners of the new Outsports podcasts

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