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Winner: The new face of Everlast, Patricio Manuel

Transgender boxer Patricio Manuel makes history yet again, this time in a revealing Everlast campaign of boxing “trailblazers.”

Losers: Stanford coaches who allegedly cut gay swimmer Abrahm Devine

In an Instagram post, out gay NCAA championship swimmer Abrahm DeVine says Stanford University coaches dropped him because of homophobia.

Winner: Battle Club Pro’s Anything You Can Do

The all-intergender match event featured numerous LGBTQ wrestlers and showcased the evolution of inclusive pro wrestling.

Losers: US Magazine headline writers who shipped Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy

Gay Olympic medalist figure skater Adam Rippon displayed his usual charm and poise in the face of clickbait.

Winner: LGBTQ fans of the Chicago Wolves

The Chicago Wolves of the AHL will celebrate the LGBTQ community at the team’s first Pride Night on Oct. 19.

Potential Losers: Washington Mystics

Washington Mystics forward Elena Delle Donne exited game 2 of the WNBA Finals early with a herniated disc. Will she be healthy enough to play in Game 3? That’s the biggest question before the best-of-five championship series resumes Sunday.

Winner: Out athlete Erica Bougard

When Erica Bougard wore rainbow-flapped Nikes to compete in anti-gay Qatar in the heptathlon — an event that combines performances in seven track and field events — she showed the power of visibility in the sports world.

Loser: Kentucky’s Republican governor and his transphobic supporters

In the race between Republican incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin and Democratic challenger Andy Beshear, a PAC-funded attack ad hits a new low by suggesting boys will transition just to win. The ad notes Beshear supports trans youth and urges viewers to “vote against” him.

Winner: Gay high school hockey player Anthony Aroni

Anthony Arnoni felt alone in the closet in Illinois until a YouTube video helped change his life and lead to experiences he never would have imagined, like being voted homecoming king.

Losers: The owners of the Houston Astros and Minute Maid Park

Houston is an outlier in being the only playoff team to not host a Pride event in 2019.

Winner: Bisexual Football player Christian Mays

Christian Mays has carried his determination and drive into a career in the Army.

Loser: Jake Hager and LGBTQ fans of the AEW

Trans wrestler Nyla Rose won over the crowd in a losing effort, while Jake Hager debuted fresh off tacitly endorsing transphobia.

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