Relationships, in any form, have their ups and downs. No commitment born out of love is devoid of tiffs. But the term “lovers’ quarrel” takes on a completely different connotation when both you and your partner earn their living in the squared circle.

That was the case Saturday night in Texas City, Texas when Kiera Hogan and Diamante stood on opposite sides of the ring for the first time during the all-women event Ladies Night Out 8. The announcement of their romance in June warmed hearts across the pro wrestling world, but that warmth was converted into competitive fire between the ropes.

What began with both tentatively trying to resolve their goal with their relationship quickly gave way to a hard-hitting battle befitting the two’s pedigree. But that didn’t keep them from delivering those blows with a bit of love.

Hogan even blew her bae a kiss before delivering a super kick.

Diamante stood tall when the final bell rang, but both put on a stellar match that showcased the chemistry that makes them work so well together as a couple outside the ring. Not to mention as a tag team on WOW: Women of Wrestling.

Their night didn’t end with the match though as the two were announced as the first challengers to the newly crowned inaugural Ladies Night Out champion Ivelisse. The three women will battle for the title at the WrestleCade SuperShow in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on November 30.

Hogan and Diamante’s match might have ended up being a prelude to the impending title match, but they both have plenty to be proud of in the meantime. It can’t hurt that they have each other to help soothe their wounds either.

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