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Winner: MMA fighter, skateboarder & radio host Jason Ellis opens up about sex with men and being bi

In a no-holds-barred book, Jason Ellis shares stories about sex with men and his journey to accepting his bisexuality.

Loser: Questions of anti-gay bias surface after Ron Prince’s dismissal at Howard University

Despite Ron Prince’s resignation, questions linger about his interrogation of players: “I know someone in here is gay!”

Winner: Bucs kicker Matt Gay says he was bullied because of his last name, will wear anti-bullying cleats

Matt Gay was mocked for his last name and will wear special cleats in Sunday’s ‘My Cause, My Cleats.’

Losers: These NFL players’ cleats support homophobia and oppose bullying

Six NFL players are raising money for the anti-gay Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Four support the end of bullying.

Hopeful: Chelsea Wolfe is a trans athlete on Team USA hoping to make history at the Olympics

No publicly out trans athlete has competed in the Olympics before. Chelsea Wolfe may be the first, in BMX freestyle.

Winner: Out diver Lisa Coe knows identity reaches far beyond college athletics

Pitt’s Lisa Coe is as an example of why representation matters: she’s working to change the university’s relationship with LGBTQ people through personal interaction.

Losers: Rugby Australia settles with Israel Folau, leading him to claim: “We have been vindicated!”

Former rugby star Israel Folau, who said “hell awaits” gay people, settled with Rugby Australia for a confidential amount, according to a joint statement.

Hopeful: Transgender golfer looking to make her mark on World Long Drive Tour

Jamie O’Neill tackles her next challenge.

Winners: Dolphins visit Florida Stonewall Museum and Islamic Center

Isaiah Ford, Steven Parker and Christian Wilkins visited the Stonewall National Museum and Islamic Center of Greater Miami as part of its annual Football Unites Cultural Tour.

Loser: Margaret Court is being criticizing for her anti-LGBTQ view while being honored by Australian Open

Australian Open takes nuanced stance to highlight 50th anniversary of Margaret Court’s Grand Slam.

Hopeful: Could the solution to Premier League’s homophobic chant problem be found at… Yankee Stadium?!

In 2010, the Yankees faced their own problems with organized fan bigotry and found a way to successfully shut it down.

Winner: Megan Rapinoe’s call to end racism and sexism unanswered by Messi and Ronaldo

USWNT champion Megan Rapinoe says famous male athletes remain silent “when there are so many problems in men’s football.”

Winner: ‘This is me:’ Megan Rapinoe is SI’s Sportsperson of the Year

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Sportsperson of the Year Megan Rapinoe explained the message ‘The Pose’ is meant to convey.

Winner: Time picks USWNT as Athlete of the Year

Editors chose the U.S. Women’s National Team for Time Magazine’s “Athlete of the year” for 2019.

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