The 2019 Mortal Kombat Pro Kompetition has been one of the most exciting circuits to follow throughout the year’s fighting game esports slate. What began with a thrilling upset of dominant gay competitor Dominique “SonicFox” McLean by Brad “Scar” Vaughn at Combo Breaker back in May wrapped up on Sunday with another astonishing upset of SonicFox by rising star Jarrad “Ninjakilla_212” Gooden at NEC 20.

While SonicFox enjoyed rivalries with Scar and Ninjakilla throughout the MK 11 season ahead of March 2020’s Final Kombat championship event in Chicago, his most notable back and forth came against fellow gay athlete Ryan “Dragon” Walker. The two competed in multiple grand finals match ups, dubbed “all gay finals” by SonicFox, including at Evo 2019, fighting games esports’ largest stage.

So it should come as no surprise that SonicFox and Dragon closed Pro Kompetiton league play as the top two qualifiers for Final Kombat. SonicFox, who never finished lower than second during Pro Kompetition events, was the only athlete to top 2000 points, finishing with 2420.

His “all gay final” counterpart wrapped up second place with 1615 points after a seventh place finish at NEC 20.

Both gay MK icons now have a chance to rest as the final qualifiers for Final Kombat fall into place, but neither are planning on taking an extended break from studying the game they both hope to dominate when they make their way to Chicago in the new year.

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