Every year there is reason to celebrate the previous 52 weeks, and each year Outsports recognizes some of the people who made the year the most memorable.

This year we’ll be awarding recognition in seven categories:

  • Person of the Year
  • Male Athlete of the Year
  • Female Athlete of the Year
  • Female Hero of the Year
  • Male Hero of the Year
  • Non-binary Person of the Year
  • Asshole of the Year

Some people have asked why we divide the athlete and heroes by gender. Frankly, it’s an opportunity to recognize more people. In addition, we also recognize that the issues facing LGBTQ men and LGBTQ women in sports are often different.

These differences in gender are also based on the athlete, not the sport. That is, a trans male may be competing in women’s sports, and we consider him a male for these awards. We feel it’s most important to recognize who the person is.

Finally, we have a gender-non-binary category for people who have stood out and do not fit into either gender.

Who is the Outsports Person of the Decade? Click here to see “The Outsports 20” list

Today we’re revealing our year-end award-winners. And we congratulate every LGBTQ person in sports who has achieved this season.