Fox Sports 1 is currently airing an NFL Films special featuring gay former Dallas Cowboys linebacker, his husband skin-care expert Joshua Ross, and their “modern family.”

That “modern family” doesn’t just feature Ross and Rohrer, who is regarded as the first former NFL player to marry another man, but also Rohrer’s ex-wife and their two kids. All five of them live under the same roof in Southern California. That’s pretty modern.

The segment runs about 15 minutes and scores not just with some powerful commentary from everyone in the family about happiness and being your true self, but also the appearance and comments from some Dallas Cowboys greats.

Among them:

Hall Of Fame defensive tackle Randy White: “I hope he’s happy. I hope he has a great life.”

All-Pro cornerback Everson Walls: “Once you’re a teammate you’re always a teammate. I don’t care who you marry, that doesn’t take away the fact that you had that star on your helmet.”

All-Pro defensive end Ed Jones: “My teammates want the best for everybody. If this is what makes you happy, that’s what we want for you.”

Also seen literally embracing Rohrer: Current Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett and team owner Jerry Jones.

The message of the piece shines through every word uttered by Rohrer and the crew, embodied by some closing thoughts from Ross.

“You can be gay and you can have a family,” Ross says. “You don’t have to prescribe to anybody’s life. You can make your own. If you want to have a family and have a home, you can have that being gay. That’s what it’s taught me, and I hope that’s what other people will see too.”

You can catch NFL Films Presents: A Modern Family & Football on Fox Sports 1: Dec. 3, 6pmET; Dec. 4, 11:30pmET and Dec. 6, 6pmET.

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